Bags - the Modern Classics

I love bags. I love purses. I love wallets. With two small children, I need a variety of bags in different sizes which I can choose from depending on what our outing will entail. Going to the beach requires a large bag (or two) to hold towels, diapers, sunscreen, snacks, etc. A visit to the park means we take a medium size bag which can hold a couple of diapers, snacks, and drinks. If we are going for a quick trip to the store, I can get away with a small purse. 

Sans enfants is a whole other story. On those occasions when I actually get to go out with my husband or girlfriends, all I need is a small clutch or even just a phone case that has slots to carry my money and ID/cards. 

And the bags, of course, need to represent my individual style and creativity. What better way to express ourselves and our personal sense of style than a one-of-a-kind, handmade accessory? Sue Kim's book " Bags - the Modern Classics" has contributed to my desire of unique self-expression, offering patterns for bags and purses varying in style and size.

The first thing that attracted me to Sue's book was the cover image.

 Very classic, yet modern. Hence the title, I suppose! The fabric for the cover purse immediately caught my eye. Polkadots + leopards - what is not to adore about that combination? I could see myself taking this purse to something as elegant as a wedding, or dressed down with a pair of jeans.

As I looked through the book I noticed a pattern (pun intended) - all of the bags and purses pictured are made with unique and interesting fabric. Not only are the purse designs themselves something I would want to make, but I could envision the use of a lot of the fun fabric I carry. 

As far as the content is concerned, Sue's instructions are clear, detailed, and easy to follow even for the most beginner sewist. She provides plenty of pictures for each step, making the project enjoyable and as simplified as possible. Here is an example (my apologies for the crooked picture):

Sue also provides useful information and tips at the beginning of the book, and discusses choices in fabric, which I find very helpful when starting a new project.

Here is a sneak-peak at some of the bags and purses you can learn to make with this book:

I could picture making the above bags with some of the fabric we already carry, such as  Dashwood Studio's Wild 1038, Monaluna's EveningVine, or Haathi

We will be getting plenty of more fabric in over the summer, including solids, polka dots, and chevron prints. I hope you will feel as inspired as I do to make unique handmade accessories with some beautiful fabric.

Happy Sewing!